Myths About Fiberglass Pools

In today's competitive sales climate, some unscrupulous builders have resorted to using "scare" tactics to steer potential clients away from their competitor's product. They make broad over generalizations about other pool types in an attempt to make their product more appealing. Our San Juan fiberglass pools are not exempt from these tactics; here is just some of the myths about fiberglass pools and the TRUTH about our terrific product.

Myth #1: Fiberglass pools pop out of the ground. TRUTH: Fiberglass pools are no more susceptible to popping out of the ground than any other type of pool; there is absolutely nothing inherent about fiberglass pools that causes them to lift up. If any type of pool is installed in an area with a high water table, it is the responsibility of the builder to properly install and safeguard the pool against possible damage due to the high ground water whether it is a fiberglass, vinyl lined or concrete pool.

Myth #2: Fiberglass pools won't hold up to freeze/thaw conditions in this climate. TRUTH: San Juan fiberglass pools are suitable for installation in any climate found throughout the United States, from Key West Florida to Seattle Washington and Bangor Maine to Los Angeles California. Freezing and thawing found in the Wisconsin climate has no effect on San Juan pools whatsoever. Fiberglass structures have been used successfully for many below ground applications for the past 30 plus years: underground gasoline tanks at gas stations, built in hot tubs, even fiberglass stair units installed with vinyl lined pools.

Myth #3: Fiberglass pools need to be refinished. TRUTH: The gel coat finish applied to a San Juan fiberglass pool is designed to last the life of the pool; this is no different than the finish on home bath tubs' or a shower surrounds' gel coat finish that is designed to last as long as the home is standing. You will never need to re-gel coat or paint the pool. The San Juan gel coat finish is the most durable, stain and damage resistant of any interior pool finish, (including vinyl liners, plastered or painted pools).