Spa or Built in (Hot Tub):  Many people find the benefits of owning a built in spa are numerous; relax and unwind after a long work day, a romantic moment alone, the centerpiece for an elegant living space, a place to gather with family and friends, soothe sore aching muscles, find relief from arthritis or stiff joints, the list goes on.

Whether you're adding a Pool/Spa combination or a stand alone Spa; Capitol Pools can design and construct the perfect warm water oasis you've always dreamed about.  Contact Us  or call 608-837-7665 to set up a free in home consultation and estimate without obligation.


Click here to see Sarasota Dimensions
Sarasota Hot Tub with a Monte Carlo Pool
Click here to see Grande Dimensions
Grande Spa with Monte Carlo Pool
Click Here to see a Desert Springs Pool/Spa combination
Desert Springs pool with a built in Spa