Green Products

Capitol Pools is committed to offering only the highest quality, energy effecient, and low carbon footprint products available. When installing a new pool or replacing old inefficient equipmet, these products will not only help reduce energy consumption, they can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars per year. Let us show you how these ground breaking products can benefit you with a FREE no obligation swimming pool energy analysis or new pool sales consultation. Simply Contact Us or call 608-837-7665 and we’ll show you the pathway to energy savings and a greener planet.

Many people never realize one of the key benefits of owning a San Juan Fiberglass pool is the relatively small carbon footprint associated with owning a fiberglass pool versus either a vinyl lined or concrete swimming pool. Unlike Vinyl lined pools which require frequent patching or replacement of the liner using up valuable natural resources over and over again, or concrete pools’ excessive use of chemicals, not to mention repainting, replastering, and acid washing; a San Juan Fiberglass pools gel coat finish never needs replacing throughout the life of the pool. Owning a fiberglass pool will save you tens of thousands of dollars in refurbishing and maintenance costs when compared to other pool types. With a San Juan pool professionally installed by Capitol Pools, you are making a sound financial decision with a low carbon footprint, and enjoying the carefree lifestyle only a San Juan Fiberglass pool can deliver.

Solar System A Solar Pool Heating System is the most economical way to heat your swimming pool. Imagine swimming in an 85 degree pool all summer long and it doesn’t cost you a dime in fuel costs. Adding a solar heat system either by itself or along with an existing pool heater, is easily the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year; oh yeah, and you won’t feel guilty about letting your solar system turned on because the sun’s energy is FREE! Allow us to design a customized solar pool heating system for your pool and begin enjoying the benefits of carbon free pool heating today.

Pentair’s line of Eco Select products are leading the charge in the battle to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a greener healthier planet for generations to come. The products listed below utilize cutting edge technology to help conserve energy, water, and our natural resources. By making Eco Select choices you are investing in a more Eco-friendly and sustainable pool ownership; not to mention you will experience long term financial savings due to higher efficiency ratings.

Pentair’s new Intellipro VS Pump is the most energy effecient pool pump available. This variable speed pump offers you up to 90% electrical savings versus traditional pool pumps. You can easily adjust the pump speed to deliver only the required amount of water flow, even pre select speeds for different operation, (ie. normal filtration, vacuuming, heating, spa jets, water features, etc.). Find out just how much money you could save by using Pentair’s ENERGY SAVING CALCULATOR.

Consider installing a Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter when replacing your pool filter. Cartridge filers offer finer filtration than sand filters, lower water flow rates due large filtration capacity saving you electrical costs, and low water usage since you only need to rinse the reusable cartridge with an ordinary garden hose spray nozzle instead of pumping hundreds of gallons of pool water down the drain while back washing a sand or diatomaceous earth filter. Because Clean & Clear filters have an enormous capacity, many pool owners enjoy the benefit of not having to service their pool filter all summer long.

If your pool heater is more than 5 years old, chances are you are spending way too much money for pool heating. Older pool heaters become inefficient with corrosion or may have poor efficiency from the start, having only an 80%, 70%, or even lower efficiency rating. The Master Temp heater boasts a best in class energy efficiency and is a certified low NOx appliance. Upgrading to the Master Temp could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings all while eliminating many of the aggravating nuisance problems prevalent with other pool heaters.

The Intellichlor salt water chlorine generator produces all the sanitizer your pool needs, economically and safely without the high and low sanitizer levels produced by other chlorination systems virtually eliminating unsanitary pool conditions, chlorine odor, red irritated eyes and bather discomfort. The Intellichlor literally pays for itself by eliminating the need to purchase bulk chlorine products and by significantly reducing other chemical costs all while doing away with the need to transport, store, and handle harsh chlorine compounds.

The Intellibrite LED Color changing pool light offers up to 80% electrical savings compared to standard incandescent pool lights; what’s more, intellibrite’s LED technology provides up to 30,000 hours of care free operation, saving you hundreds of dollars on replacement light bulbs and service calls. Experience the elegance of high quality pool lighting whether tuning on a single color or playing dazzling light shows.