Chemical Safety Tips

1.) Store chemicals in a cool dry well ventilated place out of reach of children. Never store them near a open flame or other heat source. Do not store them next to pool equipment. Do not store pool products and garden products,(fertilizers, insecticides, etc.), in the same area. Do not store products in direct sunlight.

2.) Never mix products together.

3.) If diluting products in water is required before adding to pool, always add product to sufficient water in a clean plastic pail. Never add water to the product, gassing and explosion may occur.

4.) Carefully Read and follow label instructions. Do Not overdose as this can be harmful to swimmers and or the pool or spa. Similar products packaged by different brands may have different dosage quantities.

5.) Use a clean dry plastic measuring cup to measure out pool products. Do not put a wet scoop back into a container.

6.) Do not inhale fumes or allow products to contact any part of the human body, (skin, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, etc.). Use chemical resistant rubber gloves and safety glasses when adding chemicals.

7.) Use only products specifically recommended for use in chlorinators and brominators.

8.) Read and be familiar with first aid instructions on all product containers. Keep emergency medical and poison control center phone numbers handy at all times.

9.) Do not smoke while handling pool products.

10.) Keep products away from grass, landscaping, carpeting or any other surface that may me damaged if a spill occurs. Clean up all spills per product label instructions.

11.) Keep a first aid kit directly available to the pool and equipment area at all times.

12.) Never add chemicals at one place in the pool; instead add products slowly along the edge of the pool or spa.

13.) Never add chemicals to a pool or spa that is not circulating. Be sure the circulating pump is operating properly and continues operating until the product is disperse sufficiently, (follow product label instructions).

14.) Never swim in a pool immediately after adding pool products. Sufficient time must be allowed for the product to be disbursed properly; follow the product label instructions.