Pool Closing

We suggest closing your pool between September 1 and November 1. If you have a mesh safety cover it is recommended that you not close the pool until at least September 15. Allowing pool water temperature to drop below 50 degrees before closing will significantly aid in maintaining good water quality over winter.

1.) Be sure water chemistry is balanced properly.

2.) Complete all final housekeeping chores, brushing, vacuum pool, clean water line, clean deck equipment, etc. Clean pool filter with a product designed for this; follow filter operating and the chemicals label instructions.

3.) Remove handrail and ladder if necessary. Some pool lights need to be taken out of the niche and placed on pool deck during freezing conditions, check with the operating manual for your light to see if this is necessary.

4.) Lower water level to 4 inches below skimmer opening. If you have a year round solid safety cover, (Save-T-Cover II or Step Saver, or any other track type safety cover), you only need to lower water level to just below the skimmer opening because you will need to raise the water level back up to normal operating level after the remainder of the winterizing process is completed. All other types of winter covers need to leave the water level 4 inches below the skimmer opening to allow for precipitation to fill the pool without overflowing it.

5.) Add winterizing chemicals, shock, algaecide, and stain preventor treatments. Allow pool to circulate long enough to sufficiently disperse chemicals evenly throughout the entire pool.

6.) Blow out pool lines with air and plug them at pools edge, (typically you will use 1 1/2 inch winterizing plugs; a freeze protector, usually referred to as a “gizzmo”, must be installed in the skimmer). Some pool lines require the addition of anti-freeze. Check your pools manufacturer recommendations to see if this is necessary.

7.) Drain all pool equipment, check owners manual for proper procedures, remove any remaining chlorine tablets from chlorinator, don?t forget to drain slide supply tubes. Dismantle and store portable equipment, (Check with your builder if unsure).

8.) Install winter cover following manufacturers recommendations. If you have a year round safety cover, now is the time to bring the water level back up to normal operating level.

9.) Monitor your water level throughout the winter. If the water level is dropping, action must be taken to diagnose the water loss source and make necessary repairs. If the water level in the pool drops below recommended over winter levels, major damage can occur due to frost heaving. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!