Pool Opening

Outdoor pools in this part of the country should be opened between April 1 and June 1. If you have a mesh pool cover we recommend you open your pool no later than May 15. Monitor your water quality after the spring thaw by physically looking at it to detect cloudiness or algae growth. If either is detected, open the pool immediately to help avoid costly and time consuming cleanup.

1.) Remove winter cover wash and store as necessary. Safety covers that have anchors imbedded in the pool deck need to be lubricated and recessed. Automatic and manual year round safety covers need to be lubricated and inspected for wear, (refer to the owners manual for complete instructions). Take care to store your cover in manner to deter rodent damage, (mice).

2.) Raise water to normal operating level, this should be 1/2 way up the skimmer opening. If you have a mesh safety cover the water level after winter will probably be close to the top of the pool; Do not drain the pool to normal operating level at this time , we?ll explain later.

3.) Remove plugs from the inlets and outlets from the pool, (i.e. skimmers, deep water outlets, water return fittings). Install skimmer basket(s), deep water suction grate insert, pool cleaner adapter, etc.

4.) Install equipment drain plugs and pump trap basket. Assemble and or reinstall any equipment that may have been removed for winterizing. Lubricate o-rings with non petroleum based lubricant, (silicone gel, teflon gel), do not use vaseline!

5.) Be sure all circulating valves are in the open position to allow water flow throughout the system. Pool filters will typically have a valve on them to control the direction of water flow, (check the owners manual for proper positioning). Prime pool pump with water, turn pool pump on to begin water circulation. Most inground pool pumps are self priming meaning that once you fill the hair and lint trap with water, the pump will draw water from the pool and eventually purge all air from pool pipes and equipment. This process may take several minuets depending upon how much trapped air there is between the circulation pump and the pool. Above ground pools typically have what is called a flooded suction pump meaning the circulation pump must remain below water level to work properly and is not capable of self priming if the pump is located above the water line.

6.) Begin pool cleanup. Vacuum pool, brush walls, wash water line, etc. If you have a mesh safety cover the water level at the time of pool opening will probably be close to the top of the pool; Do not drain the pool to normal operating level at this time. Instead, We recommend that you lower the water level while vacuuming to waste to remove the majority of the dust film that has built up over the winter.

7.) Begin chemical treatment to pool water consisting of testing water chemistry and beginning balancing, shocking the pool water, adding an initial dose of algaecide, stain preventor and, if necessary, water clarifier. Additional vacuuming, brushing and shock treatments may be necessary to complete pool cleanup. Begin your routine chemical maintenance program.

8.) Finish setup of deck equipment, (i.e. install ladder and handrail, secure light in niche, setup solar blanket and reel, etc.).