Pool Safety Rules

1.) Never swim alone. Responsible adult supervision for children or non-swimmers should be provided at all times.

2.) Learn to swim. This is the best prevention to avoid drowning risks.

3.) Keep pool deck clean and clear of unnecessary clutter.

4.) No glass containers around the pool. Glass if broken is nearly impossible to see inside a swimming pool and is a tremendous hazard.

5.) Swim only in clear weather. Never swim during a rainstorm or if lightning is possible.

6.) No running or horseplay. Pool decks can become slippery when wet and dangerous.

7.) Keep all electrical appliances away from the pool edge. Be sure any electrical appliances that are kept a safe distance from the pool are also plugged into a GFCI protected outlet.

8.) Do not jump in to save someone who is in trouble; Instead, throw a ring buoy or offer something for them to grab hold of such as a shepherds crook.

9.) Learn and post emergency phone numbers and have a telephone available in the pool area.

10.) Always completely remove any covers before swimming.

11.) Keep all body parts including hair away from water outlets, (skimmer, wall outlet, main drain, etc.), as entrapment and drowning can result.

12.) Keep all entry points to the pool area secured from unauthorized entry at al times.

13.) Never swim at night without proper pool lighting.

14.) No diving in shallow water, severe injury or death can result of improper diving or diving into pools not designed for it.

15.) Only dive from diving equipment installed with pools specifically designed for this purpose. Never dive from the side of the pool or in the shallow end.