Lois and I want to thank you and your team for the wonderful pool you installed for us. Now that it’s shut down for the season I’ve had time to reflect what a blessing it is for us and our family. It’s great grandson bait. They were here every few days doing cannonballs and shooting baskets. Those are memories that will last a lifetime, and we get to make more of them next summer!

Lois and I commented many times during the construction process how meticulous you all were in getting things just right. Not just close to right…but exactly right. There were several stages of the installation process that were even more stout than I would have previously thought. We’re confident that our pool and deck will be in shape to serve us and our family for many years to come, because you and your team cut no corners, but did every step to the highest quality.

The process was problem free and enjoyable. And the end result was well worth the cost.